Welcome to this space.My name is Catherine.Catherine Maina.Apart from being a Nephrology Nurse,I love writing.I feel that I actually do too much writing as compared to nursing.Thing is,I have no idea how blogging works.Friends have suggested that I should blog.It might have been a joke.But I decided to dare them anyway.That’s how we are here.

Well,it may turn out to be a very bad idea but we won’t know till we know,right?Words appeal to me.Perhaps I might find a way to make them appeal to you too.Not because of many things;for the fun of it!

Welcome then.it will be a ride of our lifetime.Seat belts on,please.Thank you.It might be forever or just like Taylor Swift surmises,end up in flames.Either way,we might get a few laughs  here and a few cries there.

From Catherine,This is a welcome.

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