That Ends There

After attending the priceless Writing Masterclass led by Biko,I told myself I will never write.When Magunga asked for views after his pep talk,I boldly told him that my writing self esteem had descended from my expansive waist to my locked ankles.

I had indeed gone to the class because of this obstinate writing ideation I have held since I was a simple little girl with an acquisitive mind.God how I wanted to write!That dream left me as soon as I discovered that it took more than sitting pretty with a pen in hand and a pad in the other.

Well,I am standing here afraid of writing.I am standing here scared about being a scribe.But nonetheless I am saying a couple of goodbyes to some stories I shared to test myself.I am a feeble twig in the heart of the writing gale.The words,like wind,are blowing through me.I stand bent to their motion and yet I can not stop.I do not want to stop.

Now that you are here,this is where I will keep my fear and uncertainty.Here is where I will cry a little less.Here is where I will not seek perfection…only a tad bit less imperfection as compared to yester-days.Perhaps I am staring at the sand dune of writing and daring him to blow me up.

I have a wide interest in different aspects of life.I will tell you about how I ended up taking Nursing as a career.I will tell you why motivational quotes lack motivation.I will make you smile at the dark humor that has decorated my life this far.

You will send me lots of hugs when I let you know more on the state of our public healthcare systems.You,dear friend,will understand why droves upon droves of highly trained medical professionals keep emigrating to Western countries. We will talk about your Kidney health every Wednesday too.This is a follow up to #KidneyWednesday series on my Facebook Wall–Cate Mimi.

Once in a while I will pretend to be political.I will fake some understanding of what the US/China trade war mean for common Jacks and Jills like Kenya and the Phillipines.Mexico and Grenada.By the way guys did you know Grenada is a country?I did not until a week or so ago!

I met this brunette at my new work station.She strutted in the main office like an offended plantation owner.The manager had kept us waiting far too long but because The Lord said to sow peace,my ice breaker was in the form of Nationality questions.

After telling me she was Grenadian,she emphasized,”GrenAEda.Not GrenAda,” I could have asked for the difference but her pronunciation of those two left no doubt in me.I mean,who wants to piss off a lady who comes from a country whose name sounds like a goddamned weapon?The manager had them balls of steel for making us wait.And I Laugh…


So stay here pals.Tell your buddies and their buddies that this is the site to keep an eye on.Okay that is a tired salesman line but you feel what I mean,don’t you? Let us make this a Friday thing.Meaning I can be the scrumptious way your weekend begins.

See you people.

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