A good slow run is better than a bad stand.

Two Secondary Schools sent me an admission letter after my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). Karoti Girls’ High School and Ngiriambu Girls.I loved them.I had seen them perform at the music festivals when I was at Rukanga Primary School in Mwea Division,Kirinyaga county. The students were so confident.They spoke English and Swahili.Two languages that I adored. Especially English.How could they speak English in English? I had all along believed English was Kikuyu with an ‘s’!

I wanted to be them.Those girls with chests strapped in traditional brassiere.Those girls with hips wide as the river ocean. Hips that shook and gyrated to the beats of the African drums as the adjudicators nodded their heads in judgement.Those girls with skin smoother than pebbles.Oh how I wanted to be them!

I do not even know how to properly direct you to my primary school.They dissected our pishori-producing division into West and East and I have no idea where my ancestral home should be. All I know is on an earth-road towards Boto area in Rukanga Village,my placenta was buried. I was born by the roadside.

I have a point stop rolling your eyes. If I do not tell you,my mother and father will tell you so as to embarrass me and have a good laugh about it. So I have beaten them to it. Take that parents! here is where I smile…

My village does not produce rice.We are not near the irrigation schemes.We therefore planted other things and slyly,like hungry foxes, produced another product;chang’aa. We were good with that stuff. Not not us as in my mum and dad,no. Us as in the villagers. My father’s brother for example was a connoisseur. Dad worked in the big city of Nairobi as mum hopped from one shamba to the next breaking her back through tilling people’s lands for a little money.

She threatened to divorce Papa if he let her brew Chang’aa. I think that is how we were spared. Women and threats! lol.

My sister and I perfected the art of rice farming by walking about ten kilometers to Mwea Tebere irrigation schemes to weed the rice farms. Or plant in the bilharzia-infested flooded farms or to harvest with sickles during school holidays for a nickel and a dime.

Dad had a vision taller than his legs. The vision was to rescue his daughters from the prospects of an early marriage and ultimate chang’aa large scale production to offer them a better chance in life.

Karoti and Ngiriambu,though I really wanted to be there,were unaffordable to my poorer-than-the-poor parents. Dad brought us to Soweto,Kayole where we joined Bahati Community Centre Secondary School with only 200 shillings that dad could afford for registration.

I received an admission letter to pursue my Honor’s degree at a local university in the recent past. It is a bittersweet feeling. Most girls and boys my age are done with their Masters. I am pursuing my first degree. It is funny because others have told me I have done well but if you are an education junkie like me you must surely know the ouch feeling.

True heroism I believe comes from gulping pain and making sure that others do not experience it. I do not want students to be as confused and clueless as I was when I joined and left high school. I want to give opportunities to them. Better than I had.

When Affecto was born and fronted to me,I knew I will always be a part of it. This foundation is doing what most of us would like to do but lack the means to–help a student in school.

As a beneficiary of sponsorship in my Nursing Education,I know it is painful to have your school fees paid yet you have no money to do any shopping. Also to be able to focus while you are certain that your siblings, Mom and Dad do not even have a meal for the night. That is where many lose it. Affecto has sealed this loophole by ensuring that a student’s personal needs are addressed as well as their tuition fee.

Affecto flys on the wings of the all giving Kenyan spirit. I have tried to hold a neighbor’s child through high school by myself and I failed miserably. That is because I did it from my own salary which can barely suffice my own needs. That plus the many bills I keep paying for different purposes. My story is actually a replica of your story and many others who are willing to help but do not know if the little they have can even cover themselves leave alone others.

This initiative borne out of necessity promises to join all our little and big contributions towards a complete financial grooming of at least one student through high school.

Having attended a mentorship day at Karima Girls where two students are Affecto stars,I couldn’t help but feel a little envious of them. I mean,if only I had had a chance to attend such a prestigious school..if only I had had someone to hold my hand through the schools I had qualified for..I remember emphasizing to the students that they were thoroughly blessed to be where they were. I looked at Ndung’u Nyoro (The brain behind Affecto) again and wondered where he was when I was desperate for high school.

I smiled knowing that at least,many girls and boys in my shoes won’t have to take long detours towards their dreams. The challenge of a full sponsorship are as many as the stars in the sky.

Affecto has hit icebergs that have threatened to tear the ship into pieces of precariously hanging screws and wood. This explains the gala that has been planned at the exquisite Villa Rosa Kempinski on 22nd November 2019.

Not money,not favors,just give me an education.

That is why I plan to attend the gala. That is why I will spare 5,000kshs to go have dinner at Kempinski. Who knows,I might even eat from the same place that President Barack Obama ate from. I may even feel like I have made it in life for that one night. That plus take selfies and strike a few poses to brag about.

Villa Rosa Kempinski will have the coolest spot in heaven with their own Garden of Eden. They will host all parties in heaven with waitresses as gorgeous as Vashti and waiters as muscular as Goliath but with the hearts of King David . The choir of heaven will practice their oohs and aahs at the coffee garden of Villa Rosa Kempinski. A restaurant that offers its presidential services for 5,000kshs to common Kenyans like myself must surely be written in the book of life,right?

I will even go to Gikomba market in advance and get myself a camera-camera dress and some chunky heels to don that evening. Kariokor market and Dubois Street will see me buying cheap accessories to compliment my look. Njeri wa salon will have a field day that afternoon making sure I look like I stepped from the moon. I might even comb my hair,who knows.Ha ha. You better run away from your social media accounts because 22nd November 2019 is the day I ruin your online lives with pride.

We are not depending on outsiders to come and save us. We will start saving ourselves and whoever joins us is a major bonus.

So folks,cheers to influencing care,right?

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