Even when you are not nursing, you are nursing.


Thank you for walking with me when I’ve been stumbling over my words. I have had a beautiful run. Bumpy yes but indeed magnificent.

I have chosen to refocus and fine tune my blog towards health issues and medico-nursing matters. Time is ripe for me to give back to the medical and specifically nursing world as a Kenya and United Kingdom registered nurse.

I have shelved my personal anecdotes for future references. I believe time will come too for me to take a deep dive into that. This is a transition for me where I need to focus on one issue and commit to it. I couldn’t be happier that I’m finding my voice as a scribe.

Thank you for always being here and reading what I have to write. I promise to be annoying as always. Every Wednesday will see a new blogpost. Some will be equal to chewing my own teeth but at least we will have some words every week to keep us going.

I will take a journey from Kenya to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and eventually we shall compare and contrast or simply laugh at the experiences of nursing. We shall together laugh and learn from different diseases. I will try my best to break down the sombre medical language into lay terms for all to understand.

I must reiterate that my target audience is not medics or aspiring medics primarily. My target audience is people like my mother who have never seen the inside of a college, my neighbor who still believes washing hands is a waste of time and finally, my renal patients who have to live with a disease they barely comprehend.

The caregivers who have to take care of patients without knowing what to do or not do. Students graduating high school and not knowing any other thing apart from they want to be medics. Student nurses choked by the system such that they feel all they will be is a clinical nurse. My audience, friends, is as diverse as it is wide.

In a world where everyone is trying to be technical and appear more educated than the next Jack or Jill, I want to be simple. I hope to be (wink).

Welcome to my renovated site.

6 thoughts on “SITE FORMATTED

  1. Congratulations dear so happy for you my nephrology mentor……I love your assertiveness and writing skills..theyv severally told me I can be a good orator or still learning from you on this side too…
    Go your dreams.all I wish you is nothing but happiness and God’s blessings…
    Miss you girl


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