A Healthy Nation

When hospital beds spill to the corridors without a pandemic or a crisis, it is time to rethink our whole system.

My brains were recently picked in another forum. This was in relation to the mega drama Kenyan netizens witnessed a while back at Pumwani Maternity hospital. Because one is never enough, we saw women politicians holding mock protests against the same government they are in.

Perhaps even demonize the healthcare workers. That is what we always do as a people. It is always the fault of the healthcare workers especially nurses.

As I press the keys on my keyboard to write this, Kenyan Healthcare workers in most counties continue to work at home because they are yet to get paid salaries for the months of August and September. Yet these are uncomfortable conversations we are not willing to have.

I may not know the ultimate solution to our public health but I know failure to make politicians use these facilities is a hole in the ship. If a health commission as envisaged in the BBI draft will solve this, then it is welcome.

If all it (proposed Health Commission) does is regurgitate old words using new ink hoping for different results, then we are better off with our familiar mess. Failure to make politicians consume the same decisions they enact is but a bullet in our gas tank. We will collectively explode.

Given my immutable campaign for changes in the public health sector mashed with a diminished capability for pessimism about our future as a nation, find the link to the blogpost below.


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